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Debt Management by Simply Debt Solutions

We are a holistic debt management company.
Holistic?? What do you mean?
Unlike all our competitors, who focus on 'debt solutions' such as Debt Management Plans, IVAs or Bankruptcy only , we look at the 'bigger picture'.
Someone with debt issues is generally going to have three main concerns:

  • Finding an immediate solution to their debt issue, which would generally be in the form of an informal arrangement direct with their lenders, a Debt Management Plan, an IVA or Bankruptcy.
  • Finding ways of reducing their outgoings.
  • Finding means of increasing their current income or exploring means of generating a second income.

We are here to proactively help in all three categories, by doing so we find our clients are able to overcome their debt hurdle in a far shorter time frame.

Managing your debts is only one part of the solution here at SDS. Unlike our competitors, we take a holistic approach to debt management, as such, we realise that in addition to setting up a debt solution, two other factors are crucial:

•  Proactively helping you to reduce your expenditure. We conduct an in depth analysis of your expenditure with the aim of reducing this substantially by, for example, shopping around for better deals on items such as your utilities (gas, electricity, phone & broadband). Helping you formulate a budgeting system which works for you and that you will stick to, after all, as the old saying goes “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”. Finally we have a host of money saving ideas for you to explore to find the right ones for your circumstances.

•  Proactively (depending on your circumstances) look to help you develop other income streams. There are many businesses which can be conducted on a part time basis from home to supplement your income. We would direct you to information on various businesses which may fit into your current work schedule, thereby allowing you the potential of building up a second income stream.

A combination of the above two factors (reduction is expenditure and increase in income) ought to help you get out of debt sooner than you thought.

The Money Saving / Money Making sections of our website will be updated on a regular basis, please do come back often to see the latest content.

Here is an example of how a Debt
Management Plan could make your debts affordable
Let's say your debts looked like this:
Creditor A
Creditor B
Creditor C
Total Debt:
Current monthly payment:
After a debt management plan:
New monthly payment:
New monthly repayment is based on
affordability and varies from plan to plan.
* Keep in mind that with reduced payments of this nature your debts would take longer to pay off and there is no guarantee that all creditors will freeze interest and other charges.
Debt Advice by SDS | Simply Debt Solutions
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